Logo: what it is & What it isn't

Logos, originated from ancient Greek, meaning expectation, reason, account, disclosure, and speech. Logos like emblems are used by companies, organizations, institutions and families.

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Logos are used by people to persuade their targeted audience using creative or logical argument or symbols to sell out their services, products or history (as in family).

Logos that are well–conceptualized and well–designed can be pivotal in building and maintaining a certain image of one’s brand.

Logos can attract people to dive deeper into searching for how your services or products impacts their lives. Some brands like Adidas have settled in that everyone including children understand the meaning of the brand.
They know what the logo stands for and function of affiliated company and their services. A beautiful logo provides an image to your company.

Logos help achieve a promotional plan. Sometimes you do not have to write your company's name. Your logo says it all, what you do and who your audiences are.

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