Welcome, you are in the world of RONEL. Here, all your Digital and IT Solutions needs are taken care of whiles you relax and focus on your business goals and needs. We build partnerships where our clients can entrust us with all their brand and technology needs.



RONEL is a young Ghanaian creative and information technology (IT) solution agency. As far as we could remember we have always been tech savvies and been around computers/electronics. Some started sketching movie posters by age 5. We have always desired to create work that inspires and lives - staying etched in the mind of the viewer. Whether we’re creating a visual brand like logos, designing a website or an app, or even setting up computer network systems; we make sure to leave an impression.

Free of any one particular service our communal passion is something that you can feel in our works. .


Our small team consists of creative designers, developers, photographers, hardware and networking experts, UI/UX-designers and motion graphic designers. Go through our services below for more information.

"Branding is about the promise of a distinct, memorable experience.”

Deliverering your brand's message

The right exposure to the world in the line of business is branding. Our branding comes in a form of visual stimulating elements that tell your clients a bigger story of your purpose of being and vision. Our experts who are rich in the field of marketing and graphic designing are always available to assist you find the right voice for your organization’s goals and success consistently, across all media.

The core branding strategies that are employed by RONEL are:
  • Logo design
  • Brand strategy
  • Brand guidelines
  • Print & Advertising
  • Stationery
  • Brochures & catalogs
  • Infographics

Web sites are the digital catalogs of your business

Building your web presence

The lifeline for a company’s survival in today’s digital era is how information moves to and from organization to clients and vice - versa. An organization is driven by the value of the information it provides to its customers or followers. We build for you a web presence that is identified with precision, cohesion and quality. In addition, our web apps are responsive all mobile devices, and designed to give you the best user experience, unique in appearance, developed with functionality and accessibility that suites your targeted audience.

We creat outstanding web apps like:
  • Responsive Website Design
  • Application Development
  • Mobile Apps - iOS, Android etc.
  • WordPress, Joomla (CMS)
  • E-Commerce & Retail Online Shops
  • Database Design & Development
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Convertion Analytics & Metrics
  • Hosting & Management
  • Web Retainer/Maintenance

We advise organizations on how best to use information technology (IT) in achieving their business objectives and offer learning services.

Tomorrow's technology today

Are you having challenges deciding the kind of systems, you need or choosing a brand for your specific industry. Talk to us as we provide you with in-depth know-how as to what to do and also help you get it done. We would surround you with the elementary, obvious and standard technical solutions that would accelerate your growth, income, authority, success, and influence in your job related market. We also offer training and ICT (selected software) for career and business capacity building.

We offer conpendious training and consultancy in the line of:
  • IT Service Management (ITSM) Consulting
  • Digital Transformation Consulting
  • IT Operations Services
  • Workload Automation Services
  • Application Managed Services
  • Data Centre Automation Services
  • Cloud Consulting Services
  • IT Training & Education

Your complete hardware repair, networking, software installation service centre. Secure your systems from hacks.

Fix it, Maintain it, Secure it

Our helpful, friendly OEM, network certified and A+ Certified Technicians have much experience to provide consistent services to maintain your hardware and repair those that are not functioning anymore. The brand of hardware does not scare us; we are well equipped, knowledgeable and experience wise to provide standard repair schemes that would keep your hardware running for a longer period. Also, we keep your network running 24/ 7 /365 days a year – providing essential networking related services that keep your network running smoothly without you bothering of system downtimes.

Full hardware diagnostics and computer systems networking
  • Service & Repair of Computers and Printers
  • Memory and hard drive upgrades
  • Parts upgrade and installation
  • Apple Repair*
Software repair services include:
  • Operating system and software installation
  • Data recovery and disaster assessment
  • Virus, spyware, and adware removal
  • Network and wireless troubleshooting

If Digital Marketing has become the life-line; Social Media is that heart that keeps a business alife.

Making Your Web Presence Know

Social media is the conduit that connects you directly to your audience, creating a dialog that provides valuable insights to your marketing objectives. We can help you to pinpoint who your audience is with deep analytics, greatly increasing conversion rates and driving potential customers to your website.
We incorporate visual creative skills that turn heads of the view etching in mind a captivating memory.

Our packages of Digital and Social Media Marketing are:
  • Social Media Marketing 
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Blogging Outreach
  • Content Development
  • Reputation management (Social Media)
  • Email Marketing & Analytics
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Paid Search Advertising


Because we help you keep focused on the important things in your business while we handle your:


A brand is not: your logo, your tagline, your product or your service. It’s about creating an expectation and delivering it consistently every time anyone comes into contact with your brand .


We have the skills that add flare to the face of your products and services. Visual designs that turn necks, optimize conversion rate, manage your reputation on social media and more.


We work fast and within time. We have project management skills that help us follow and meet deadlines.


Make history by creating memory nodes back in time where you can reminisce about your success story. Capturing the moments that matter most.


Clean and neat code and markup. Use of cutting edge web-app, mobile apps, cross-platform responsive and native programming tools and technology.


Provide retainer and maintenance services and support around the clock.

How we WORK

Different projects for different clients, each with a different approach but the same proven procedure.


We leverage our extensive experience to guide you in deciding when to go with out-of-the-box capabilities and when to adjust the solution to your specific situation. Our approach is based on a proven seven-phase model with prescribed phases to help you align IT and branding, employees, and end users for success.

By partnering with us, you can increase customer satisfaction, improve project agility and reduce costs as you transform to a digital enterprise. Using our Service Excellence Methodology, let us help ensure the success of your journey.


We stand strictly by our guiding principles: which are;

  • Commitment
  • Innovative
  • Integrity
  • Self-Discipline
  • Self Improvement
  • Trustworthy
1. Prepare

Readiness to take action, demands commitment, understanding and exploration. We discuss, anticipate your needs and make plan breath – taking solutions to make you a success.

2. Plan

We identify the goals of your company/idea to be achieved. We formulate strategies, develop means needed, regulate, implement and evaluate the strategies in sequence to find the best approach that will save cost.

3. Design

Design a structured project plan, create designs that are consistent with your brand, and is UI and UX friendly.

4. Develop

We turn on the ignition of creativity and implementation; purposely to bring life to a well scrutinized plan.

5. Validate / Test

We test the developed system on both friendly and harsh environments. We make sure the system or application design corresponds accurately and solves a real world situations.

6. Deliver

We relinquish activities from the development phase. We deal with activities such as assembly, installing and activating.

7. Transition

The system or application is finally handed over to the client. Follow – ups and subsequent training sections is held to help run the system or application efficiently and effectively.
As partners we come in from time to time to provide support and maintenance.


Amazing people! Exceptional talent! Great team work!

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